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Lake Lure Festival Continues To Honor Patrick Swayze
[Lake Lure, NC]: The Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge today announced the expansion of what was previously known as the “Dirty Dancing Festival” to the new Lake Lure Dance Festival. The First Annual Lake Lure Dance Festival continues to honor Patrick Swayze, star of several movies including Dirty Dancing which was partially filmed in Lake Lure. The expanded Festival offers a new way for Patrick Swayze fans to celebrate his legacy while offering some new dance moves and themes to the fundraiser.
“This year’s Festival not only honors Patrick, his time in Lake Lure, and a dedication to eliminating Pancreatic Cancer, it offers an opportunity to take the love of dance into other styles and cultures. The theme for this year is “Cool Dips & Hot Salsa” to allow a blend of the music and themes of previous dance festivals in Lake Lure while broadening the scope to include the allure of something new and spicy,” says Laura Doster, Events Director at the Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge.  “We’re turning up the heat to encourage people who aren’t familiar with our past Festivals to come and see what the Lake Lure Dance Festival has to offer. And at the same time, we’re supporting PanCAN in honor of Patrick Swayze and the legacy he left in this area.”
The Festival will highlight previous Festival favorites such as.

  • Music and dance popular with Swayze fans

  • Games and competitions synonymous with previous Lake Lure dance festivals

  • A portion of proceeds benefit PanCAN to fight pancreatic cancer

  • PLUS - Salsa dance music, performances, and lessons as the special musical highlight for this year’s festival

Tickets for the Festival are available now], with advanced tickets at $39/adult, $15/child, and a highly limited number of VIP Tickets for $75/each available in packages of two due to limited parking space.   
For more information on the 2023 Lake Lure Dance Festival visit

April 2023


​Lake Lure, N.C.: On September 16th, 2023, Lake Lure will once again host a dance festival just as they have for more than a decade. However, this year they are moving beyond the theme of “Dirty Dancing” to include more fancy footwork from a variety of dance styles!
While the “Dirty Dancing Festival of Lake Lure” has been a popular event, financial and contractual obligations required by Lionsgate have made it too difficult for the local Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge to offer that festival this year. To keep fans happy and honor the historic dancing that’s been a part of Lake Lure since 2010, they have decided to bring together a more diverse dance festival that incorporates not only the moves from the 50s and 60s, but also many other dance forms that will keep festival-goers on their toes.
The festival committee has started meeting to work out the specifics of this year’s festival as they aim to offer more dance lessons, great bands, excellent food, and new experiences that are sure to appeal to new and long-time festival fans.
The one-day festival has been set for September 16th, 2023. For all the latest updates and news on Lake Lure’s Dance Festival, follow the Chamber on Facebook @TheChamberOfHickoryNutGorge.

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