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Will tickets be sold at the door? What will be the price of tickets at the door?
Yes! Adult tickets will be $45/each and kids' tickets (Under age 14) will be $20

Can I reenter the festival if I want to leave for any reason?
Yes, you may come and go as you please, at no additional cost, as long as you are wearing the official wristband you will get at check-in.

Will there be tickets sold at local outlets?
NO. Tickets are only available online through Eventbrite. As there have been reports of ticket sales scams, we HIGHLY DISCOURAGE you from buying tickets from ANY OTHER person/outlet - you are very likely to lose your money!

What happens if it rains during the day of the festival?
The festival will proceed rain or shine. All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds for bad weather.

How can I retrieve my ticket information if I accidentally deleted the email?
When you order tickets on Eventbrite, a confirmation is sent to the email address you entered for the order. Check your email, your Eventbrite accounts, or the Eventbrite app on your phone if you have downloaded it.

How can I sign up to volunteer for the festival?
Email – send your name, email, and phone number.

Do I need a wristband to enter the "Club House" alcohol garden?
A wristband is required to enter and consume alcohol in the Club House Garden.
A beer/cider/wine wristband can be purchased 
All proceeds will go towards The Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge 

Where can I get a Lake Lure Dance Festival T-shirt?
At the merch tent at the festival.

Are pets allowed at the festival?
NO pets are allowed on festival grounds. The only exception is for service dogs.

Does my infant or young child need a ticket?
Children under the age of 3 years old may attend for free.

Can I bring a cooler to the festival?
Coolers are NOT permitted inside the festival grounds. Plenty of food and drink vendors will be onsite.

Can I bring my own chairs to the festival?
Yes, you may bring folding or camping chairs to the festival. Blankets are also welcome.

Can I bring a pop-up tent or beach umbrella to the festival?
NO pop-up tents are permitted inside the festival on either day.  Rain umbrellas are permitted.

Other important facts to be aware of at the festival:

  • Purses and diaper bags (accompanying small children) are welcome.

  • NO oversized backpacks permitted. This is for safety reasons.

  • There is NO smoking allowed inside festival grounds. All smoking must be conducted outside the park fence.

  • Firearms of any kind are prohibited!

  • By attending the festival, you understand, agree and acknowledge that you may be photographed and filmed and hereby provide the festival with your consent to be photographed and filmed. Images and film will be used for broadcast and streamed for promotional and/or commercial purposes in any manner and in any media hereafter.

  • We highly recommend bringing cash with you to the festival. There are limited cash points in Lake Lure and with the large attendance, it may be difficult to withdraw what you need. 

  • Additionally, wifi can be spotty at times so if you want to ensure your ability to purchase items, please bring cash in case your credit/debit card can not be processed.

  • VIP Ticket holders can present their tickets as they enter parking and will be directed to VIP parking area.

  • View the Press Release announcing the festival

COVID Precautions
Currently, there are no State or Federal mandates requiring masks or social distancing. Should this change, the Festival will follow and enforce any laws related to COVID.  Festival-goers are welcome to wear a mask if they choose.
Visit the North Carolina COVID-19 Dashboard for State information:


FREE parking in these 3 lots

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